About This Site


I wanted to get into Forex and started reading online content and looked into programs such as Forex Trading 4 Newbies and London Forex Rush System.

But when looking at some Forex YouTube videos came across a Trade Advisor Pro video, and found it helpful and interesting.  A guy named Josh Taylor was clearly explaining Forex, which led me over to the 
TradeAdvisorPro.com website.
I joined the free How to Get Rich Trading Forex While Everyone Else is Going Broke! web seminar and spent about an hour in the seminar and found Josh presenting well, of course with the sales pitch and and humor all in the mix, one thing stood out that.
With all the reading and knowing the Forex terms etc. The main problem for me was making sure I kept up to date with the economy and translating this into making right Forex trade. Working full time, not having the time and to be honest not really wanting to analyse the market everyday and risking a bad move, I thought the 
Trade Advisor Pro Forex signal service would suite me and my lifestyle.

Please Note: I do not provide any of the signals from the Trade Advisor Pro Signal Service